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Week of June 4, 2000

Temple ov thee Lemur

Main Web Site:

So you're looking for a website where you can compare the merits of the American Mars Candy Bar vs. the United Kingdom Mars Candy Bar?  How about detailed instructions to make an Extreme Cocoa milkshake?  Well, if you find those links intriguing then Temple ov thee Lemur is for you.

Temple ov thee Lemur (TotL) is run by, well, it's either run by three or eight (can't quite tell) young men from Southampton England and it's a collection of sites which all fall under the TotL banner.

There's really no way to explain what TotL is other than a portal of the fun, experimental and bizarre.  The site which originally brought me to TotL is the Potato Powered Web Server.  Being a computer guy by day, this naturally drew my attentions.  Alas the PPW is no longer, but I soon found myself reading the pages of the Visible Mars Bar Project.  Apparently, these gentlemen wanted to find out why an American Mars Bar is rather crappy tasting when compared to the English version.  Suffice it to say I've never known as much about a Mars bar as I do now.  I also found that I had to immediately go out and buy myself one to see what all the fuss was --  I think I'll stick with Snickers.

Some of the other TotL links I enjoyed include:

Project E.U.N.U.C.H

Extreme Use of Nearly Universal Cooling Hardware.  The boys take an older computer and attempt to over clock it to extreme speeds without incurring a meltdown.

Save the Womp Rat

Remember when Luke Skywalker talked about going out and shooting Womp Rats?  Well, apparently they've been hunted to near extinction and need our help.

Lost Mail Archive

I think I'm going to start one of these.  Every time TotL gets an incorrectly addressed e-mail message, it's added to the Lost Mail Archive in the hopes that it can one day be reunited with its rightful recipient.

Extreme Cocoa

Lots of sugar, lots of milk, lots of ice cream, lots of cocoa and a big tub.  Need I say more?

There is so much to see and do at TotL's site you're sure to come back over and over just to see what's new.  To help with that, the boys have created an e-mail list to automatically notify you when changes are made to the site.

If you get offended easily, well, you probably don't read these reviews anymore and you won't like TotL.  If you like a good laugh though, visit this site now!


Temple ov thee Lemur

Site Rating: 9/10
Pros: Lots of laughs.  Ability to "skin" the pages using past designs.  
Cons: None really.

Requirements: None


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